Mobile Apps for
Restaurants and Cafes.

Mobile apps for restaurants and cafes are becoming a necessity if you want to attract and keep customers. In today's world where consumers organise their life at the touch of a button, and demand easy access to information and productivity tools. Which now includes the ability of booking tables, ordering food and checking the menu due to life's hectic schedules.

mobile apps for restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes statistics

Over 69% of consumers are already ordering food via mobile apps for restaurants and that figure is growing bigger day by day (IAB & Viggle study "Mealtime Goes Mobile"). The concept of interacting with food services is already in the main stream, and gives each restaurant or cafe owner the opportunity to cash in using their own restaurant mobile app.

According to Statista 26% of restaurants in the US now feel the requirement to have their own smart-phone app for consumers that has ordering, menus and daily deals functionality.

Over 85% of table reservations are made within 4 hours of the sitting throughout Australia. Consumers are now making their preference on which location to eat at, based on the ability to book a table via a mobile app. In addition to that fact; most online orders are made via a mobile device.

App functionality we recommend.

Through our experience dealing with restaurants and cafes, we have found the following features help increase orders, reservations and profits for restaurants and cafes.

  • Online ordering.
  • Online booking.
  • Menu.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Location finder.

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Table Booking

Allow your customers to book a table from their mobiles. Users can request a booking right from the App. You get an email notification of the request. Choose the information you require your clients to submit, then confirm the reservations quickly and easily.

Order Food

Ordering food couldn't be easier with our complete ordering and payment feature. Why give money away to other online ordering companies, when you can let your customers order direct from you and save the money on fees. They are your customers.

Online Menu

Letting your customers browse your menu, helps to entice them back, and can save time for the wait staff when they attend your business as they already know what they want to order. The days of paper menus are gone. Make it easy for your customers and entice them back.

Loyalty Program

Every customer loves that little extra and often will choose where they eat and drink based on a what they get offered in return. Let your customers know they are special, and give them that little extra for being loyal, The ideal way to give them a reason to keep coming back.

restaurant mobile app template

Your Layout

We design your app layout to best reflect your business

cafe mobile app template

Your Design

Totally customisable, and changes can be made as easy as writing an email

Why you should invest in mobile apps.

Posted by Word On The Street on Friday, 24 July 2015

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Surf Side Cafe

The advice and help was great, and so is business. Early morning pick up has gone wild, and our lunch specials are a firm favorite.


We are so happy with the way customers are using our application, and the money we are saving by them ordering directly. We should have done this a long time ago. Totally impressed.

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